Coffee to go

I asked if anyone was next to her or if I could sit there. She looked me up and down to consider if I had merited the seat. She relished the thought of having a stranger in such close proximity much like one might a cold bath. Sure, sometimes needs must but that didn’t mean she had to like it.

No one’s there for the moment.


My bag brushing past her leg was evidently painful. I placed my mug on the table and began to rummage in my bag to no avail. Before I resorted to pouring the entire contents of my bag over the cafe floor, I tried to collect myself with some hot coffee. This caffeine clarity politely reminded me that the book I was looking for could be found on the kitchen table, at home.

She had yet to touch her drinks; what a waste of two coffees.

She kept checking her phone, but of course he hadn’t sent a message. He’s not coming announced the second cup of coffee to everyone in the room. They weren’t going to reconcile after all then.

She scorned everyone on her way out if only to keep her from tears.



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